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TAKE NOTE, that whether on the trail, in camp, or nestled in the amenities of home and family, one should not go without Townsend’s Traveling Physician, in which is found only the most necessary Materia Medica, comprized of as few simple elements of the highest quality as can execute perfectly all medical intentions. Effective in treating all conditions including, bleedings, fluxes of all kinds, and inflammations of wounds, whether green or the fistulous and hollow kind. Also good for the jaundice, purging of mucous, expelling wind, all constipations, and the knitting of broken bones. It is most effective in treating worms, and the gout, tooth aches, head aches, stinking breath, and the bitings of mad dogs. We should not also fail to mention the lifting of spirits, expelling of stones of the bladder, vertigo, and the purging of freckles from the face. If the condition to treat is not found in this work, HOPE also may be found not, and it would be of good virtue to leave to gracious Providence, and to reconcile one’s self to his God. Townsend’s Traveling Physician includes six vials of the most exotic and potent herbals, as well as Townsend’s Complete Pocket Dispensatory to guide the reasonable mind, written in the line of Culpeper and Quincy and held in the highest esteem by so many famous and learned men. The Collection is contained in a petite tin box, no less than 3-3/4” by 2-3/8” by 3/4", most convenient for carrying in your pocket, your purse, or your surgical kit.

(Disclaimer, While this kit contains the actual herbals, this kit is not intended to treat any medical conditions but merely as example of historical medical materials and advice)


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